A Course in Creating Confidence

A Ten-Year Writing Journey

Ten years ago, when I was emotionally struggling, I had the intuitive urge to write out the 365 lessons from the classic spiritual text A Course in Miracles in my journal.

This project was not characteristic of the work I was doing at the time as an expressive arts facilitator in healthcare. I myself was puzzled at my great determination to wade my way through daily lessons.

365 Self-Love Practices

Yet, ever devoted to my self-love practices, I wrote each lesson out long-hand in my journal in a creative and easy to understand way. This first step in my personal journal helped me to realize how much I criticized myself, and how much more confident I felt when I practiced the self-loving lessons in A Course in Miracles.

As my Course interpretation evolved, I realized I was creating a daily letter of self-love to myself and to all of you who also hesitate to express your brightest light in the world for fear of inner and outer criticism.

If you struggle with any sort of self-criticism, self-hatred, guilt, shame or fear around expressing your truest brightest light in the world, this creative, non-denominational, non-religious interpretation of A Course in Miracles is for you!