An Accurate Dialogue With Grace

My interpretation of A Course in Miracles is a simple, practical "boots on the ground" version - just for you - if the complex spiritual teachings from A Course in Miracles tend to evade your complete comprehension.

Here is a little excerpt:

You might be acting from your habitual personal preferences for comfort instead of sensing how you need to grow and change in order to embody your highest self. When you understand how life is inviting you to evolve, and then you take action, you will feel a sense of alignment and joy.

Each day, look for signs as to what your soul wants to reveal to you. Look for visual clues. Listen for auditory promptings. See everything as a metaphor for how your soul communicating how you need to grow.

Set aside your judgments and fears. Trust that everything unfolding has a deeper spiritual purpose for your growth. Artist Jerry Wennstrom calls this "maintaining a clear and accurate dialogue with grace."