Breathing Into Painful Emotions

It is possible to be spiritual in your thinking, yet not be embodying your spirituality. If your spirituality only lives in your head, you may be spiritually bypassing the uncomfortable emotions that comprise the rich embodiment of human life.

When you avoid difficult emotions, your entire life experience becomes one of withdrawal and contraction. When you are spiritually bypassing, you will miss out on the stunning depth of intuition that arises from fully feeling all of your emotions.

Intuition expands when you realize that deep attention to your body is a series of micro-choices. A common micro-choice is to focus on the breath to anchor attention. If difficult emotions arise, you can meditate on a painful emotion as you breathe.

It is helpful to do a body scan, throughout the day, to notice where you are holding tension and when you are holding your breath. When you find the area of greatest tension in your body, see if you can breathe into it by saying, "This is here right now. It's okay. Let me open to it."

You can choose to focus on the uncomfortable sensations within your body as a form of daily meditation. You can soften and breathe into any strong emotion as it rises, peaks and relaxes. When you feel calm again, it is easy to return to focusing 100% on the breath as the primary way to spiritually anchor your earthly embodiment.

(From Lesson 309 in a Course in Creating Confidence.)