Creating From Inner Fulfillment

This excerpt from my book, "A Course in Creating Confidence" will support you to create from a state of fulfillment instead of lack.

Lesson 200

"There is no peace except the peace of Source."

Spiritual Practice

The purpose of this lesson is to stop looking for peace in emotional pain-driven activities and bless life instead. You will save a lot of time in your emotional healing process by consciously resembling the mind of Source. Meditation: For your morning or evening meditation, take five minutes, or ideally, a half hour or more, aim to solidify your determination to feel inner peace.

Intuit with Creator's eyes where "all the world is seen by you as blessed." When you bless the world from a state of unconditional fulfillment, your subconscious mind will experience your psychology as already healed and whole.

Every hour for one or two minutes, review the past hour. Touch on the moments where you did not get what you emotionally wanted, and bless the situation as it has unfolded anyway.

Regularly release your frustrations. Sense into the inner peace that lives behind your unhealed emotional wounds as you bless the world.

Today, when you are trying to control your outer circumstances to create inner peace, bless everything that is happening for your highest emotional healing.

Spiritual Contemplation

You might be living in an elaborate fantasy about what your life could one day be. Yet, life will rarely go the way you wish it would from your unhealed ego-mind. When you push too hard for what you want, you will experience, as the Course says, "the agony of bitter disappointments, bleak despair, and icy hopelessness and doubt."

Until you find the unconditional fulfillment that dwells behind your emotional pain, desperate striving will underwrite everything you do. You can strive and struggle with all of your might to make our emotional pain infused dreams come true. Too insistent about how things should turn out, you will anxiously push to get your emotional needs met regardless of how life needs to naturally unfold.

Instead of pushing so hard, you can create from a feeling of already feeling fulfilled, and take calm steps toward your goals with a deep sense of ease. By practicing a feeling of fulfillment as you take action, you can trust that your dreams will unfold as they are meant to, in timing that cannot be coerced or scheduled.