From Ego to Purpose

The Road Map to Your Purpose

The six stages of human development are from the teachings of A Course in Miracles. I have been inspired and informed by ACIM teachers Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera, authors of “Take me to Truth.” If you do not have much relational support for your life purpose, as you contemplate these six stages, hopefully, you will not feel as alone.

Stage 1 - The Undoing

The first stage on your journey to purpose is usually precipitated by a wake-up call or a disillusionment, such as a relationship break-up, an accident, or illness, death of a loved one, a threat to your identity, or the collapse of a career.

This crisis in wondering about the deeper meaning of your life will make you turn towards "something more." At this stage, you will realize that you are not in control and never have been. At this stage, you initiate an "undoing" of your negative beliefs. You begin to invite Universal Inspiration into your life.

You will start to see that you are personally responsible for all of your emotional discomfort and that you do in fact create your own reality. At the undoing stage, resistance soon arises. Internal conflicts will arise between your old ways of thinking and the new.

Stage 2 - Sorting Out

At this stage, you will learn that all change, no matter how disruptive, always contains helpful lessons. You will begin to sort out your life and decide what is valuable and what is not. As you do your sorting, you will feel fear, loss, and sacrifice.

Old habits die hard, even if they are not productive. You will move through different levels of fear as you start to sort out all of the layers of dysfunctional thinking and disowned emotions that you have accumulated over your lifetime.

Stage 3 - Relinquishment

At this stage, you will begin to say "no" to your mistrustful ego perceptions and start to witness to your stored emotional pain with a more loving presence. At this stage, you no longer "taken over" by your limited psychology. You let go of your guilt at this stage, and understand that had you known better in the past, you would have done better.

As you let go of guilt over past selfishness and mistakes, you will have much more patience and forgiveness to offer other people. As you sort yourself out emotionally and psychologically you will relinquish judgment in your relationships.

You will realize that you cannot see people with judgment and love them at the same time. You make a decision at this point to follow the thought system of Love and relinquish the thought system of fear and defensiveness.

Stage 4 - Settling Down

At this stage, you take a well-deserved rest from the difficult inner work of sorting through and letting go of the negative beliefs and the painful emotional patterns that do not serve your higher purpose. At this stage, you taste the pure joy of standing for authenticity in every part of your being.

The goal of the first half of the journey was to remove the blocks to creative inspiration, authentic truth and love. The second half of the journey reveals the face of Love without all of the previous inner conflicts that you experienced in the sorting stage.

Stage 5 - Unsettling

At this stage, you have reached an inner state of Optimal Reality, but your outer world has not caught up yet. Your life is still reflecting what you have manifested with your prior belief systems.

At this point, you are presented with the wonderful opportunity to overlook the seeming scarcity in your present-day life and see the spiritual truth unfolding underneath every event.

At this stage of development, you are called to see that on a larger level of Love and Growth, nothing is wrong. Despite your personal desires and best-laid plans, you begin to trust that Spirit has its own timing. You learn to have faith that your outer reality will soon reflect your newly found inner abundance.

Stage 6 - Achievement

Once you have dedicated your life to following the Universal Creative Will that is infinitely wiser than your personal will, you become the joyful state that the ego has denied you for so long. At this stage, you see everyone and everything as luminous with loving energy.

You are ready now to use your gifts wholeheartedly to help people rediscover their personal truth and their unique purpose. You will use your own life as an example. Your way of helping becomes more developed and Spirit calls upon you to give in a way that is personally meaningful to you and deeply helpful to others.