Heal Emotional Pain by Giving

Giving Through Negative Feelings

"When we choose to totally give ourselves through any negative feelings, or to be in service, we create a breakthrough.

Whether we are feeling ashamed, embarrassed, hurt, jealous, afraid, in despair, empty, useless, futile or lost, where we give ourselves, we create our birth.

Where we give, we move out of deadness and into flow; we move out of self-consciousness and self-torture and into grace."

- Chuck Spezzano

Excerpt: Lesson 159 from my book "A Course in Creating Confidence" "We can become too self-focused in our pain, and use it as an excuse to not offer our best to life. So, a powerful way to heal our emotional pain is to take our focus away from ourselves and turn our attention toward giving to others. Instead of focusing on what feels uncomfortable inside, we can consciously choose to create a loving bond with other people as a way to heal the past. We can practice stretching our scope of giving so that our loving energy becomes bigger than our problems. Because all of our emotional problems are caused by a lack of bonding from the past, we can restore the wires of connection today - by giving more than we are used to. We can heal layer after layer of broken bonding from the past by offering a loving connection to everyone we see. Our life does not need to be about waking up in the morning, putting on our defensive attitudes, and feeling self-protective against anything that might trigger our emotional pain. It is possible to offer our heart to life by giving beyond our emotional mire. And, as we practice this "giving-gesture," we will progressively feel better. We can look forward to how much we can give to life today. As we stretch our "giving muscles," miracles will unfold." (*Note: Rescuing others from their needed growth path is not true giving.)