Nothing to Fear

The mantra, "There is nothing to fear" from my book, "A Course in Creating Confidence" is so powerful. Repeat this every day, and feel your life open up.

Lesson 48

"There is nothing to fear."

Spiritual Practice

Meditation: This meditation focuses on frequency throughout the day. The frequent reminders have two forms and the intention behind the practice is to give it your all. Six times per hour is the goal.

1. Repeat the idea, "There is nothing to fear" throughout the day. You can do this with eyes open under any circumstance, even while in conversation. It can take as little as a few seconds.

2. Take a minute or so, close your eyes and repeat the idea slowly, "There is nothing to fear" several times.

Repeat today’s idea as many times as you can think of it during the day and feel yourself resting in peace - basking in the blessed respite from fear even if only for a few moments.

Spiritual Contemplation

The Course says, "The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength." Fear is an indication that your faith is more aligned with your psychological defense system rather than your connection to spiritual support. When you feel like you have to figure everything out all by yourself you will feel scared.

Your personal thought system is built on the bricks and mortar of self-protection and the fear of getting hurt again. You will become of "right mind" when you move out of your defensive thinking and into a more spiritually connected awareness. When you truly embody today's idea, "There is nothing to fear," you can intuit spiritual wisdom guiding you to each right action-step that will lead to peace.