Self-Love is a Spiritual Practice

"I am blessed as a Child of my Creator."

Spiritual Practice

Meditation: Every ten minutes, close your eyes (if feasible). Repeat the idea "I am a child of my Creator."

Apply to yourself several attributes you associate with being a child of your Creator.

Choose qualities that resonate with you. For example: "I am blessed. I am happy, peaceful, loved, supported and content."

Spiritual Contemplation

You might wish, from an inner child place, that other people would love you more than you love yourself.​ Self-Love can be such a difficult concept to grasp because your protective ego mechanisms can never love you. For this reason, Self-Love is a spiritual practice.

Your emotional pain will keep you psychologically young and angry at people who do not agree with you and make you happy. This is because the younger hurting aspects of the personality expect love and safety to come from others.

The Course strongly states, "The ego does not love you." The protective ego, being a survival mechanism for the inner child, can only reactively defend and expect to receive love, approval, security and survival from outside sources. The Course also says, "You can practice quite well under any circumstances if you really want to."​ You can practice asking for spiritual support to repair your emotional wounds. Your practice today is simply to affirm the truth that unconditional Self-Love is only possible with spiritual support.