This excerpt from my book, "A Course in Creating Confidence" will support you to provide love and protection for yourself, with spiritual support.

Lesson 36

"My holiness envelops everything I see."

Spiritual Practice

The purpose of this exercise is to realize that your soul's truth is more powerful than your emotional pain.

Meditation: Close your eyes, and repeat this idea four times today for three to five minutes each time: "My holiness envelops everything I see" several times.

Open your eyes and look around slowly and casually, specifically applying the idea to whatever your glance falls upon. Say, "My holiness envelops this rug, that wall, that chair, etc." Several times during the practice period, briefly close your eyes and repeat the idea. Then return to open-eyed practice.

Try to carry this practice throughout your day in order to entrain your mind. As always, it makes a huge difference to repeat the idea very slowly, casually, and without strain so that it feels like a natural part of you.

Spiritual Contemplation

Your feeling of wholeness and holiness is blocked by unresolved childhood needs that you are not meeting for yourself in your adulthood. When you are emotionally triggered by other people, you can choose to look within to see how you feel helpless and unsure about how to provide love and protection for yourself.

It is common to demand that other people provide the love, approval, security and survival that you have longed for since childhood. As you heal your emotional wounds, you will develop the capacity to provide for yourself. When you no longer require other people to give you what you can powerfully provide to yourself, holiness will envelop everything you see.