Self-Sourcing Support

When I have been in terrible pain, I have had to come to my knees and ask for spiritual heal to heal. If you need "Higher Help" to heal here is some guidance on how to ask from my book, "A Course in Creating Confidence."

Lesson 166

"I am entrusted with the gifts of my Creator."

Spiritual Practice

Today is a reminder to extend love to the spiritually disconnected people that come across your path.

The purpose of this lesson is to practice giving the gifts of love to those who still walk the lonely road of depression, withdrawal and loneliness - for they are but one of us. 

In our separated egos, we tend to wallow in the misery of trying hard to make life "right" and never succeeding. We look for where love isn't instead of where it is.

Meditation: For your morning and evening quiet time, spend at least five minutes, or ideally, a half hour or more, feeling the warmth of spiritual connection.  

Your false socialized self - your survival personality - is like a homeless person that is mentally ill, alone and impoverished.

To heal this survival self, sense your Creator's gentle touch on your shoulder. Feel the awareness that you are not alone. You are not poor. Experience joy as you feel spiritual support all around you.

Every hour for one or two minutes, repeat the idea. Touch into your gratitude for the last hour. Ask how you might offer the gift of spiritual connection in the coming hour.

Today, whenever you feel sorrowful, sick or afraid, repeat the idea. Extend love to others - even through your own feelings of loneliness and separation.

Spiritual Contemplation

The ego prefers to be a dark and tragic figure. In self-protection, your over-activated nervous system might be spinning a story of emotional hurt. From self-deprivation, you might be longing for other people to help you, and feeling despair when they don't.

People can feel repelled by your emotional neediness. Requiring that others meet your emotional needs can repeat your earlier wounding experiences. Your fearful demands for help can seem to prove the point that you will never get what you need. 

When you say, "I cannot suffer this alone," you invite the larger legion of spiritual support that has always been waiting for you to ask. You can then reach out to others with the love that you have learned to self-source.

You can heal painful separation inside by taking the time to be kind to yourself, to say hello your hurting parts, to smile, to touch your heart, or to have a conversation with your conflicting aspects of self. Spiritually sourced, you can give to yourself in tender and significant ways.