True Leadership

True leadership requires operating from your intuition. For this reason, you will need to question the actions that you want to take from your emotionality. If you are in emotional pain your actions will likely be self-serving.

When you operate from stable emotions you can lead in alignment with your intuitive mind. With clarity, you will be able to lead by aligning with the spiritual laws.

Buddhism, in alignment with the teachings of the Course, outlines how to clear and align your personal mind to your spiritual mind in the Four Noble Truths:

1. Suffering exists: Because you are human with a limited life span you will suffer at various stages of your life because you store emotional hurt from the past.

2. Suffering has a cause: You will want to cling to what seems to make you happy. Having a desire for more pleasant experiences, you will have a desire to get rid of unpleasant feelings and experiences.

3. Suffering can be ended: You can end suffering by "going with the flow" and unconditionally allowing life to unfold as it must. You can learn to become non-attached to your aversions and desires in preference to a "larger listening." You can learn how to "lead by following" your intuition.

4. There is a way to accomplish the end of suffering: There are three qualities that must be developed to attain true leadership qualities - wisdom, morality and concentration.

Wisdom: Wisdom requires the acceptance that all things will change. Wisdom also understands that the desire to control life leads to suffering.

Morality: Requires right speech which means abstaining from lying, divisive gossip, rude and abusive language, and idle and useless chatter. Morality also calls for right action which is reverence for life, generosity, sexual responsibility, deep listening, loving speech and mindful consumption. Morality asks that you focus on earning a living in a way that allows right action to flourish.

Concentration: Requires effort to prevent selfish qualities that unsettle your mind, and the effort to strengthen skillful qualities such as generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom.

As you release unwholesome thoughts, you will naturally move into states of peaceful well being. In unselfishness, you will experience rapture. As your mental activity calms, you will experience one-pointed concentration, and you will learn to lead with sensitivity.